All Decks Cleared for Naan Ee Release on the 6th of July

Naan Ee censor process is completed. The censor board has given a U/A certificate with no cuts. A couple of smoking scenes that are very integral to the storyline has resulted in this certificate.

With this clearance, now it is official that Naan Ee will release on the 6th of July. The special effects in this movie are amazing and it is to be experienced to believe that S S Rajamouli has elevated the art of South Indian film making to global standards.

This film produced by PVP Cinema is setting a record of sorts by releasing in close to 1000 prints in different languages across the world. It is a remarkable feat considering that there are no big names in the film and the story revolves around a House Fly.

The buzz around this movie has reached unprecedented heights with Ram Gopal Verma predicting that this movie will break the 100 crore barrier.

We are all awaiting the Ee to start Buzzing from the 6th of July

Warm Regards