Plenty of films have are being made every day…meaningful, purposeful are few…. They are like an oasis on the desert…. Good effort that is initiated derives greater result…writer director Roopa Iyer believes in loving and caring concepts.
Concepts that touch the human heart….theories those leave a mark on the viewer’s mind… Herein today she is on a princess and kingdom…No, we aren’t in a mythological or a historical theme…we are in a social theme that tracks back and forth…hold your breath for an experience of a life time….
The features of the princess are what we heard and saw through the images in live in the form of Shreya Sharan. Well known in Sandalwood, lovely star Prem plays the role of the lead actor. Ganesh Venkatraman built like a fort plays the second lead supported by Dr. Srinath, Vivek with his sheer looks walks into the film as a royal veteran, veteran Tamil actor Vijay Kumar plays a pivotal role supported by many other talented artists.
Roopa Iyer a Tamilian by birth settled in Bangalore and winner of more than 8 international awards is all set to mark her creative presence in Tamil film industry

PRO: V K Sundar
S Rekha

kumar srinivas
photo/video journalist