Bangalore Glitters…. Shreya Dazzle….
“Shreya mesmerizes not only with her looks but also with her work ethics “….the producer director Roopa Iyer heaps compliments on Sherya Saran who plays the role of a princess in “Chandra” ,she adds “Sherya is full of energy uninterrupted…she is a camera man’s delight …. Focus your fame from any angle she dazzles…throw her any challenge to perform…. Be it dance, emotions or romance….she stamps her mark…proud to be associated with this versatile artiste“ Roopa Iyer beams…
Shreya returns the compliment by saying “Roopa is a very enterprising director….her planning is acute, and she derives performance from one and all with minimum effort…I play the role of a princess and I’m treated the same way….”
The sets of Chandra a film with rich values and traditions produced by india classic arts and narasimmha arts is erected on a very copious cost… shot exclusively in and around Bangalore the cast includes Prem, Suganya, Ganesh Venkatraman, Vivek and Vijaya Kumar. The unit feels the surprise package of the film will be the Prem and Ganesh Venkatraman duo who matches the royal richness…..frame and fame.

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kumar srinivas
photo/video journalist