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Sri Mahalakshmi films produces , RK Selvamani directorial Akila the movie will hit theaters by November. P Anandhan, Aarthi, Narein, Heethasha, Baby Yuktha have acted in Akila along with R K Selvamani. People never forgive organizations which kill innocent people in the name of revolution. No any organization will win its battle without the support of people. Terrorism is one way, no one could return or save their live once entered into terrorism. R K Selamani tells these things in his trade mark style of film making.

Akila has been shoot in the forest Ameerathi which has deadly animals.It is notable that R K Selvamani has played as a terrorist in Akila.

Bharathan writes dialogues. Ganesh Ram and Rajkumar are the two cameramen work in Akila. Panju Arunachalam, Pirai Soodan and Kadhal Madhi write lyrics while Aathithyan scores music for Akila. R K Selvamani writes screenplay for Akila and directs as well. Bharath Varthi is the author of Akila and PR Activity Selvaragu.

Producer – Miss,Revathi Priya and Co producer – -Miss,Gudiya Anand

kumar srinivas
photo/video journalist