Dear Sir / Madam,

Herewith i forward the news from the desk of Mr.Sudeep pertaining to the fake account in Facebook.

Sudeep Sir’s version:

“I want to bring this to your notice that a fake and fictitious facebook account is doing the rounds on the net ,carrying some unwanted derogatory remarks and pictures in my name,and I’m no where associated with it..Seems like a deliberate attempt by some miscreants to tarnish my name amongst public.Pictures avialabl online, and from my tweets have been posted on this fake account to make it look original and to mislead.I humbly appeal to my fans, friends n people and all film lovers to ignore wat ever has posted on this account.Many actors earlier have gone through this and today it’s me.Such pranks are unwarranted.I request everyone to refrain frm such acts.”

Kiccha Sudeep.

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