Navaratiri and October 23rd Special
To enrich our morning hours and to have a good start for the day, we planned to color the show with the traditional instrumental presentation. Popular tracks are ready to be played in the show with the instruments THAVIL & NATHASWARAM. So be ready to watch the show at 06.02 in the morning as Navaratri Special from October 15, 2012.
As a special occasion, we planned a classical music show with childrens and experts on the related theme through the excellent vocal. Typically, traditional cum devotional songs are played in early morning hours and as well as in the evening. Classical singer Shiva leads the show, and youngsters travels with him on the same line and adds more color to the show. As Navaratiri Special program will be on air at 06.30 in the morning and 06.05 in the evening.
As the coming week is celebrated as a festive occasion, we are planned to provide you with useful information through the experts from the fields of education, finance and bravery. Every day famous personalities from these fields are structured to present the show with their experience and the winning stories. The show is planned in the name MUTHIRAI PATHITHA MOOVAR and every day at 05.30 in the evening the show will be on air.
On making your holiday an exciting one our channel has planned to fix your day with our movies. So we planned to thrill you in the morning with Alfred Hitchcock’s PSYCHO. This movie tells the story of a woman, who steals a lot of money from her work place and Run away. When she stops at a motel for the night she is mysteriously murdered while in the shower. The film is famous for the unexpected death of the heroine. So the investigation for this death and the reason of the death is the climax. A very good horror movie with crime scenes of real life. On 23rd of October at 11.02 in the morning Psycho will be on air.
On the end note of a busy morning, atleast minimum of rest is badly needed, we make you get relaxed with our excellent movie DIAL M FOR MURDER. The film is directed by Alfred Hitchcock. Knott of the story is based on a ex-tennis player who carries out a plot to murder is wife, when things go wrong, he improvises a brilliant plan. An excellent thriller and one of the best films of Hitchcock is ready to go on air by this Tuesday noon 2 pm, so don’t forget to watch it.


kumar srinivas
photo/video journalist