Dear yash ji

You wont be hearing this now. I wish I had told you this while you were alive. We admired you a lot, we got our confidence out of your work. I never clearly told you this, Its not because I was conceited or narcissistic; sometimes we were so awed by the superior personality that you were.

Thank you yash ji. I know it’s a one sided conversation now. But, I have had the privilege of having long conversations with you. I don’t know whether I clearly emulated my admiration for you. Doesn’t matter now, many more generations will admire you. Your family will enjoy the benefits of what you have done; the accolades, the income and all. What matters as an artist, is the applause. While I offer my condolences to the family who would want to mourn, I would rejoice the life you have lived.

Dr Kamal Hassan

PRO: Nikil

Kumar srinivas
Photo/video journalist