THANGA MEENGAL, produced by Director Gautham Vasudev Menon for his talent hunting company Photon kathaas and directed by Ram of Katradhu thamizh is on the verge of completion. One can sense that something unique that personifies the confidence of the director, is all over the movie .
‘’It is out and out a movie on the relationship between a father and his 9 yr old daughter’’, the director announces straightaway. And interestingly he plays the father role. Though similar story lines have been handled before by many other directors also, director Ram feels that this movie is totally different. He also quick to say that this movie is neither copied nor inspired by any Indian/foreign movie or a Novel or a short story, but drafted purely out of REAL LIFE EXPERIENCES, and this ORIGINALITY, he feels will be the sole reason why he thinks this movie will hit the emotional chord with the audience.
He says his confidence level rocketed high when G V M saw the movie’s rushes recently and got so emotional that he congratulated Ram for delivering such a product, Ram with pride and glee in his eyes says without the support and abundant freedom which G V M gave, I would not have been able to come up with such a quality movie.
Director Ram in a jest comments that the only condition G V M put before him in the entire movie was he had to play the father’s role for which I was reluctant

initially but later convinced myself . , He said 9 yr old Saadhana is playing the all important role of his daughter and feels she has done a fabulous job, considering her age.’’ We started shooting this movie when she was 6 yrs old and to show intense and interesting phases of her growth it took us 3 yrs to complete the movie, even though we shot only for 60 day entirely’’ says the perfectionist. Actress Rohini is playing the role of his mother and actor Karunaas is also playing an important role in the movie.
The intensity and the confidence that the director has on the script is evident on his eyes for everyone to see. Beware, it is air borne!!!