A remarkable Friendship has lead to the growth of a feature film “ENDRENDRUM” which attention in the recent days in industry. The production house name NOD evolves from their gang name of friends who initiated this project. It emerged form a team of 18 school friends and this is produced and directed by sinish with full support of sabarinathan and bharanidharan.
Distinctly this project commenced as one of Tamil the most expensive telefilms and now slated to hit the big screen as feature film by technician’s great effort. The story tweets emphasis of butterfly effect whish is an hypothatical chaos theory which illustrates how small initial differences may lead to large unforeseen consequences over time. The male protagonist being a victim of several childhood traumas finds a way to forget his past and takes a decision to alter his life which correlates to the chaos theory. It’s a beautiful love story. But, glimpse through the title again and you’ll get a different view, the delusions of the hero in an aggressive mode to withhold his lady love, attempts to set things right for himself but the unintended consequences reveals the knot of the title.The title has been changed from Charles-Dianavin ERANDAM ULAGAM to ENDRENDRUM as the former title has already been registered for another film. The tag line states as the “existence of love in heaven” which reveals the baseline of the script. First half of the movie is about the desire for the love and second half holds up with comedy based thrilling sequences. It’s a love tale on a fantasy line.Unnalae unnalae fame sathish is a male lead. Basically he is a dancer,so his body language gives various mood for this film. Priyanka reddy is the female lead.she has the good no of scenes in this film.she is delight to watch and radiating the screen with her charm and revealed by Dheena as the villain.
The film has DOP BY Saravanan, associate of Nirav shah and Vasan, associate of Milton. The expressionistic script has been portrayed credibly by the cinematographer.. Talking about the high quality production values, the crew has used RED digital cameras with highly effective grades of 5D and 7D for the best visuals. Editor T.S Suresh has done a dynamic work in this film, who excels in kollywood already and in Bollywood as well. He has worked with layers of images/story and dialogues. The sensually proactive montages create a vital emotional connection to the viewers. The action sequence the hero travels through in this movie is remarkably varied and engraved by Dhilip. The script demands an ultimate collision of love and violence which has been made powerful by the stunts.
The music track is composed by Dharan,who was the composer of parijatham and an upcoming flick simbu’s podaapodi.The songs. Dharan has delivered an amusing album that will be drawing much appreciation The and racy tracks works well with enticing lyrics by lyricist Niranjan Bharathi The soundtracks are given vocals by Haricharan, Renaina Reddy, Nikhil Mathew and Saicharan’s voices. All three songs are assorted in fit to the varied moods of the script. The cherry pick of the album is an edgy romantic number that cherishes to bring forth the paradise of love. This song involves a lot of CG work as it showcases the love trail through the seasonal changes of nature. It is choreographed by Sridhar master elegantly for visual delicacy. The bizarre of four seasons of nature has been visually depicted by CG artists and the leads have added life to the song with their romantic interludes to bring out the existence of love with the clinch of a exquisite paradise. It’s a soft-duet that takes off as an attempt to entice the audience visually.
The crew extends with the performance of many other artists including Meera Krishnan, Kana kaanum kaalangal-Bala, Misha Goshal, Lollu Sabha-Easter and Yogi Babu. There are many debut actors namingly Somsekhar and Kamalesh Jain also who have done a genuine performance. Notably a small boy Tejas has done a remarkable performance. The shooting spots traced places in and around Chennai seemingly School, Church, Beach, Hospital, Garbage ground and an apartment. The climax scene was shot at a graveyard in Coonoor for a more sensitive and challenging symbolism than typical film locations.The film marks the debut of producer/director S.Sinish, a MBA graduate who went back to his viscom lessons and kept learning in the sets of Vettai Mannan as assistant director till he nailed his venture ENRENRUM. In new college being a viscom student, it initiated his awareness towards the technical phase of cinema. The managerial skills acquired form SRM has helped him massively towards implementing organizational facetsThe phenomenal fragment of every technician and his friends who could foresee this as a feature film has lead to the extravaganza of this project to be hitting the silver screen soon which is in full swing in its post-production stage.